30-Day Guide: Balance Your Glucose Levels & Build Sustainable Health

30-Day Glucose Guide for sustainable health

This year we want to say HI to exploring new things, self-care, and blood glucose as a major part of that. This 30-day guide with tips should help you kick off your self-care journey and focus on something new: mastering your blood glucose levels for sustainable health improvements. It’s easier than you might think.

Why blood glucose? 

Your blood glucose levels are such a powerful indicator of your overall health. Keeping your blood glucose levels relatively stable and in a good range will help you prevent long term health issues. It will also make you feel better and healthier in the short term. 

Fluctuations in blood glucose levels can result in weight gain, diabetes, skin issues, hormonal imbalances, infertility and mood swings, just to name a few. The immediate effects of blood glucose spikes can be the onset of anxiety, dizziness, cravings, fatigue or headaches. In other words: managing your blood glucose will have a positive impact on many aspects of your health. 

What’s the benefit of this guide? 

We’re going to share some easy tips and tricks to keep your blood glucose levels more stable, and eventually improve your short- and long-term health. It’s not about missing out on certain foods or keeping to a strict diet. It’s about awareness, understanding your body’s signals, and knowing what you really need and when. 

By making just some small changes you can: 

  • Reduce cravings and manage your weight (better) 
  • Balance your hormones and experience radiant skin
  • Increase your focus and get more energy
  • Improve your mood and reduce anxiety
  • Reduce inflammation and risk of heart disease, Alzheimer’s and diabetes

With this 30-day guide, you can start your scientific self-care journey and work step by step towards making sustainable changes, without too much effort. 

manage your blood glucose with our 30-day guide

What are these 30 tips about? 

These 30 tips help you to get to know your body better and understand the small things you can do to positively impact your health. You will realize how easy tricks also help you to feel better in the short term. 

The tips are based on 6 different pillars. All of them have an influence on your health and directly or indirectly affect your blood glucose. 

Each tip will be from one of the following categories: 

  1. Healthy Eating: What you eat directly influences your blood glucose levels.  make sure your blood glucose levels don’t turn into a rollercoaster after every meal. 
  2. Movement: Physical activity directly influences your blood glucose levels. Doing some exercise will help you to control those levels better. You will learn which activity is best to do when.
  3. Sleep: Sleep and blood glucose mutually influence each other. Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for staying healthy. We’ll show you some tips to sleep better.
  4. Relationships: The social aspect of your daily life and habits is tremendous. We will take some time to reflect on relationships and your environment and how they impact your lifestyle, which in turn can affect your eating patterns or decisions. 
  5. Addictions (Alcohol, Coffee, Nicotine): Let’s have a look at certain substances that you might consume or avoid in your lifestyle and the impact they can have on your health. We’ll look at alternatives and the context of consumption. 
  6. Stress Management: Blood glucose levels react to certain stressors on your body or mind. Understanding these stressors and managing them well can make a huge difference. This will bring you one step closer to your self-care goal. 

How to get started? 

  1. You will receive this guide via email. Save it or print it out. 
  2. Set a start date for yourself: You can start this 30 day guide anytime. The beginning of the new year is the perfect chance to try something new. Say HI to exploration and creating healthy new habits. However, if you don’t feel like starting this week, just set a start date for next week. 
  3. Put a daily reminder in your calendar or put the plan somewhere where you will see it every day (e.g.: in the bathroom, on your closet, or fridge) 
  4. Take about 10 mins just to focus on your daily tip. Set aside this time of the day just for you. 

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Hello Inside Team

We have a passion for health, wellbeing and lifestyle topics. We love to discover new things and get to know ourselves better. Transforming scientific knowledge and insights into actionable advice is our goal.

more posts from author

Hello Inside Team

We have a passion for health, wellbeing and lifestyle topics. We love to discover new things and get to know ourselves better. Transforming scientific knowledge and insights into actionable advice is our goal.

more posts from author

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