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Hello Hormones Program

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Our Hello Hormones Program includes everything you need get to know your body better and offers additional insights and guidance to reach your goals. You will not only have access to the program but also many more lessons, experiments and recipes to understand what your body really needs. The package also includes live glucose tracking for 4 weeks. Are you ready to look inside?

  • – Daily activity tracking (Food, Exercise, Sleep, etc.)
    – Insights on personal CGM responses
    – Expert Coaching & Support (Experiments & Recipes)
    – Interactive Courses (Programs, Lessons, Quizzes, etc.)
    – Personal recommendations based on AI

Stable blood glucose levels are the key to balanced hormones. Our 4-week program will help you understand your body’s response to food, sleep, and exercise in each phase of your cycle. We’ll guide you with practical insights to help you make smarter lifestyle choices.

With a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) connected to your Hello Inside App* you can visualize your body’s response to food, stress, and exercise. Understand how your lifestyle choices impact your blood glucose levels. Reach your goals with guidance every step of the way through our 30-day Hello Hormones Program.

*Currently, we use the beta mode of the respective app store, as this allows our development team to implement feedback and improvements to the app particularly quickly. It also means that not everyone can download the product and the app from the App Store yet. So in order to provide access to this novelty (our app) after purchase, we use the TestFlight app for iOS with which you can download the Hello Inside app. Please reserve about 10-15 minutes for your app setup after purchase. You will get detailed instructions in the welcome email. (For Android this intermediate step is currently not necessary).

Hello Inside App (incl. program) + Tracking

€ 200.00

28 days of glucose monitoring

Group 126

Free shipping within the EU
Shipping within 7-14 days

Additional costs may occur for deliveries outside of the EU.

(Please note that the security patch is currently not available outside of the UK.)

Your journey to balanced hormones begins here




Know what foods work for your cycle

No more one-size-fits-all diets. Find what works for you. Based on your glycemic response, Hello Inside provides you with personal recommendations and scores to discover your optimal diet in each cycle phase. So balancing hormones can go from a constant struggle to an effortless joy ride.




Choose the right workout for each cycle phase

Your body also reacts differently to exercise in each phase of the cycle. You also have different energy levels, so HIIT workouts might not always be the best choice. Matching your workouts to your cycle phase and combining it with the right foods to fuel will make you feel balanced and energized in each phase.




Sleep better and feel more energized

By finding the perfect times to eat and the right foods for you can not only balance your glucose but also sleep better. So you get up in the morning well rested and full of energy. A good might’s sleep also improves your glucose levels during the next day and reduces cravings.

How it works

Measure your glucose and find you balance

Balance your glucose

Avoid glucose spikes or dips and, maximize your time in range to
improve metabolic flexibility.

Understand your hormones​

Reach your goals with guidance every step of the way through our 30-day Hello Hormones Program.

Feel your best every day

Feel energized and focussed. Reduce your period pain and get to know your body like no one else.

It can be this simple

Easy to apply and remove.

We provide guidance on how to put on and connect your CGM.

What's a CGM?

A continuous glucose monitor (CGM) is a small,
discreet and waterproof sensor that measures the
spikes and dips of glucose directly under your skin.

Get your 2 CGMs for the program duration and
directly see what happens inside your body.

Check suitable mobile devices here (NFC required).

Your sensor is 100%




Quickly applied

How our program helps you balance your hormones?

Our Hello Hormones Program is a 4-week program designed to help you know your body like no one else. Understand your hormonal patterns and feel balanced every day.

To get the best experience we recommend to start the program on the first day of your cycle.

We provide

Daily Guidance

Glucose-friendly recipes for cycle phases

Food experiments

Interactive quizzes

Don’t worry! We’ve got your back.

Interactive quizzes

80+ engaging lessons

28 colorful recipes

24 food experiments

10 advanced food scores

Connect with Google Fit or Apple Health for more convenient and accurate tracking of your activities.

“Every cell in the body is affected by excess blood glucose and insulin, and the ovaries are no exception.
By balancing our blood glucose we can also better balance our hormones – which often challenge us to feel the best in our body and have the weight we are dreaming of.”

From now on, nobody knows your body better than you.


“I found out it’s better for me to eat carbs in the first half of my cycle. I really feel the difference in my energy levels. Who would have thought!”

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“Through choosing the right foods and balancing my blood sugar I have been able to avoid tiredness in the afternoon and maintain my focus. These little hacks really made an impact and improved my performance during the day. It is marvellous to have gained such insights about my body!“

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“I learned that fixing my mood swings with sugar shortly after my ovulation phase is a quick fix that won’t do me any good in the long run. What helped is making sure my glucose levels are balanced.”

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“It is sooo exciting. No more guessing, hard facts. And completely personalized for me 💯”

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“For me, the first 7 days were already an eye opener. To get my weight under control, I will probably have to wear the sensor a bit longer – but I finally see light at the end of the “weight loss” tunnel. 😀”

Track glucose with Hello Inside


Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions about blood glucose and the female cycle

A woman’s endocrine (internal hormonal) system with its menstrual cycle is a complex system in flux.
Blood glucose is the energy and fuel for your body and mind, and influences your entire endocrine system.
Unstable and mismanaged blood glucose is where hormonal problems start. This can lead to hormonal imbalances, disturb your mood and affect your metabolism.
Understanding your patterns through our 4-week program will help you understand your body’s needs and come up with practical action items. Our in-app experiments, lessons, and tips will help you transform your data-driven insights into new habits.
Understanding your body’s needs will make it much easier to choose the right ways to eat, move & feel your best on every day of your cycle. 
Sync your lifestyle with your hormones and metabolism.

Choose the best foods for your body & cycle phase
Take advantage of the powerful link between exercise and your cycle phase
Adjust your alcohol and caffeine consumption to upgrade the cycle experience
Improve your mental balance by understanding how hormones affect glucose levels
Boost your energy and mood throughout every phase of the menstrual cycle

Stabilizing your blood glucose will help you reduce inflammation, and therefore significantly reduce period pain.

Our in-app lessons and experiments will help you adjust your lifestyle and diet to avoid mood swings and support your mental health.

Learn which foods and activities will help you keep focused and productive in each phase of your cycle by avoiding a glucose rollercoaster.

Stabilizing your blood glucose will help you reach hormonal balance and improve your natural fertility.

Keeping your blood glucose levels stable will help you manage your hunger, reduce cravings, keep you full longer and improve digestion.