Which Hello Inside Program is the right one for me? (+ Quiz)

What's the right Hello Inside Program for me? Hello Sugar or Hello Hormones?

Hey there 👋 Great that you are here! You made the first step towards a healthier lifestyle already. It all starts with getting informed and finding the right tool and program for you. We know, it sounds easy but it can be quite confusing to find out where to begin. There is a lot of information out there about dieting, healthy lifestyles and habits. So we are very happy that you chose Hello Inside to guide and support you on your health journey. 

Our mission is to empower you to take control of your health and wellbeing with the latest technology (with a GCM Biosensor for monitoring blood sugar levels continuously) connected to our Hello Inside app to visualize your personal data and provide you with recommendations and expert insights. With this combination you open a window into your body. We promize, you will be amazed by what you see. 

At Hello Inside we currently offer two different programs to start your glucose journey. Our Hello Sugar Program and our Hello Hormones Program. You might ask yourself: what’s the difference? And which of these programs is the right choice for me? No worries, we’ve got the answers for you in this article and will help you make a decision that’s right for you. 

A short program intro: Hello Sugar & Hello Hormones 

At Hello Inside, we offer two programs designed to help you understand your body’s response to nutrition, sleep, stress and exercise. Our flagship program, Hello Hormones, is a 4-week program that helps you balance your blood sugar levels along your cycle and understand the connection to hormones. Our Hello Sugar program, on the other hand, is a 2-week program focused on helping you better understand and manage your relationship with sugar and get a first idea of how your body reacts to certain foods. You will also learn to listen to your body and read its signs better. 

How do our programs work?

First you decide on a program that supports you the best. After you placed your order you will already receive some tips and download information for your app, while your package is on its way. 

With your package you receive your GCM sensor. You will then apply the sensor on your upper arm and activate it – and you are ready to go. While your sensor is calibrating you can already start your program in the Hello Inside App. 

The data from the sensor will be imported into the Hello Inside App and you will see a visualization of your glucose curve. Additionally you will receive meal scores, expert insights and tips based on your individual reaction to your logged events (like meals or exercise). 

You can then start experimenting and learn more about your body each day. After only a few days you will feel the difference. Your energy will go up, your focus will be better and your sleep more recovering. 

  1. Monitor your blood glucose: The CGM sensor will be your best friend. All you need to do is enter your meals with ingredients, exercise and stress events into the app.
  1. Discover & Test: Find your routine. We give you expert tips and personal insights so you can adjust your habits step by step.
  1. Feel good all around: Feel energized and focused. Reduce your cravings and get to know your body like no one else.

What’s the main difference between the programs? 

Hello SugarHello Hormones
2 weeks (1 Sensor)4 weeks (2 Sensors)
Goal: increase energy, enhance focus, reduce cravings, and control weight.Goal: reduce symptoms connected to the female cycle, like PMS, period pain and cravings.
For everyone wanting to live a healthier life and to know their body better. Learn more about which foods are best for you and what your body really needs. For all women wanting to learn about their hormones and to improve their cycle experience by reducing unpleasant symptoms connected to hormonal imbalances.
Easy tips and fun experiments 
Colorful recipes 
Daily logging and recommendations
Fun quizzes
Practical tips
Eye-opening experiments 
Colorful recipes for each cycle phase
Daily logging and recommendations
Fun quizzes 
More time to look inside

Currently, as you have already seen, there is a 4-week program and a 2-week program. A big difference here is the duration of the program and thus also the duration of the measurements. 

If you choose the Hello Sugar program, you can track your blood glucose level with the sensor for 14 days. With the Hello Hormones program, you can discover your body and measure your blood sugar level for 4 weeks at once. This means you also have a longer time to get to know your body and to experiment.

Which focus topics do the Hello Sugar and the Hello Hormones Programs have? 

While the focus in the 4 Week Hello Hormones program is on women and deals with the connection between female hormones, the menstrual cycle and glucose levels, there is a lot of other content that is relevant for everyone. So, you can find plenty of experiments, lessons, and recipes for you in the app. You also have access to your Meal Scores and statistics, as well as a glucose baseline program. 

Hello Hormones

The perfect program if you are looking to dive deeper on metabolic health for women. The Hello Hormones program is based on cycle phases. This means that correlations between hormones and blood sugar are explained in each cycle phase and you can observe and experiment with differences and changes yourself. You can notice changes in the blood sugar reaction depending on hormone fluctuations. With this program you don’t only learn to listen to your body but can also reduce symptoms you might experience along your cycle. By balancing your blood glucose you can minimize or eliminate issues like PMS, period pain, mood swings, skin health, cravings and many more. Additionally the program can help you manage your weight in a healthy and sustainable way – without missing out on your favorite foods. It’s a game changer! 

If you just want to get started and get to know your body better and recognize general patterns, you are of course welcome to do so with the 2 week program and the additional content in the app.

Hello Sugar

Our newest program is called “Hello Sugar” and is also available in our Hello Inside App. The program lasts 2 weeks and, as the name suggests, deals with the topic of sugar. During these 2 weeks, the aim is to strengthen your understanding and knowledge around sugar. Also, to get a better feel for the body and understand the reaction to sugar and reflect how it makes you feel. In experiments, we look at some specific foods, show how to decipher nutrition facts and where sugar is hidden. We’ve also prepared some tips to help you better balance your blood sugar. The topics that this program focuses on are: Energy & Focus, Cravings, and Weight Control. 

It’s about finding your balance and sweet spot, being mindful and knowing what’s going on in your body. Everyone should be able to indulge in a piece of cake or chocolate without having a guilty conscience. It’s about smart combinations and small adjustments of habits. 

So, how do I choose? 

Whatever program you choose, we’ve got your back. We will support you along your journey with tips, insights and eye-opening facts. Depending on your goal you might have a clear favorite for the program already. If that’s the case – amazing! If you are not quite sure yet, we recommend to take the quiz and find your perfect program. 

You made a choice? Perfect! Congratulations to making the first and hardest step! From now on nobody knows your body better than you! 

Hello Inside Team

We have a passion for health, wellbeing and lifestyle topics. We love to discover new things and get to know ourselves better. Transforming scientific knowledge and insights into actionable advice is our goal.

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Hello Inside Team

We have a passion for health, wellbeing and lifestyle topics. We love to discover new things and get to know ourselves better. Transforming scientific knowledge and insights into actionable advice is our goal.

more posts from author

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