Look Inside Kit

A 4-Week Glucose Exploration

Look Inside Kit

A 4-Week Glucose Exploration

Daily activity tracking (Food, Exercise, Sleep, etc.)
Insights on personal CGM responses
Expert Coaching & Support (Experiments & Recipes)
Interactive Courses (Programs, Lessons, Quizzes, etc.)
Personal recommendations based on AI

€ 200,00

Delivery time 7-14 days
Free shipping within EU

Know your body
like no one else

Understand your body’s response to food, exercise and sleep
Experiment with  diets and find out what works for you
Receive expert knowledge about all things glucose
Learn to balance your hormones during your period
Get inspired by counterintuitive & personal insights
Optimally manage your energy levels throughout the day

What is in the Look Inside Kit?

Hello Inside App

Look inside by connecting the Hello Inside App with the sensor
Get more accurate insights with Apple Health and Google Fit integrations
Food scores and insights will help you to easily understand what your body needs


Glucose monitoring with FreeStyle Libre 2 sensors during the “Hello Focus Study”
Collect your real-time glucose data to see what happens inside your body
Guidance on how to apply and connect your CGM

Expert-curated content

Reach your specific goals with exclusive programs
Explore what your body needs with lessons, experiments and quizzes
Enjoy eating glucose-friendly with colorful recipes


Get your CGM and directly see what happens inside your body. A continuous glucose monitor (CGM) is a small, discreet and waterproof sensor that measures the spikes and dips of glucose directly under your skin.
Quickly applied


Whether you are using your energy-hungry brain in the office, hitting the gym, eating out with friends or cooking at home, HELLO INSIDE delivers actionable insights.
explore which meals fuel your body best and how to combine foods
understand the incredible impact of glucose on your sleep quality
observe the impact of gentle and intense workouts on your body
Mood & Stress:
discover your stress triggers and connect your mood to what’s happening inside your body


Powered by knowledge, make lifestyle changes that will work best for your unique body. With our expert-curated programs and lessons we guide you through your journey.
Exclusive programs to reach your goals
Bite-sizes lessons to dive into health topics
Entertaining quizzes to check what you learned
Eye-opening experiments to find what works for you
Colorful recipes to make cooking fun and healthy

Our product is
backed by experts

Dr. Anne Latz

Chief Medical Officer, Co-Founder

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lalouschek, Msc

Medical Advisor and expert in psychological well-being, prevention and health promotion

Marie-Luise Huber

Head of Nutrition

Prof. Dr. Eran Elinav

Advisor and expert for personalized nutrition

Prof. Dr. Stephan Herzig

Advisor and expert in chronic diseases

Renate L. Barbosa Yañez

Scientific Content & Medical Research Associate

Help shape the approach to mental well-being.
Join our “Hello Focus Study”

Understand the connection between your cognitive performance and your blood glucose response by taking part in our 30-day online observational study. We’ll investigate whether app-based education programs in combination with wearing a CGM can successfully support you on this journey.
Learn more

Your Benefits

Improved focus during the day
Natural ways to boost your energy
Learn to better plan your meals and manage your weight
Learn to control hunger and avoid cravings
Reduce PMS symptoms and balance your hormones
Better night’s sleep

Dynamic approach

Fully online study setting
Virtual onboarding
Lifestyle questionnaires
Expert curated Q&As

Eye-opening insights

Real-time blood glucose readings
Cognitive assessment
Impact of lifestyle and diet choices on cognitive wellbeing

Voluntary participation

You may withdraw from the study at any time without giving any reason


The data will only be passed on for statistical purposes. You will not be neither mentioned by name nor be named in any scientific publications of the data from this study

Change the way you live your life with Hello Inside

Juergen F.

Co-Founder of HELLO INSIDE
Applying the sensor from @helloinsideofficial was really easy! I am looking forward to seeing what meals I can adjust and how my scoring will be so far.

Anne L.

Chief Medical Officer & Co-Founder of HELLO INSIDE
I tested my morning coffee with all kinds of milk: cow milk, oat milk, almond milk … . And found out: I can drink my coffee with all of them without causing a blood glucose spike first thing in the day.
Great news 😉

Stefanie E.

Digital Marketing Expert
I opened the app 12 times a day. Being aware of how my body reacts to food introduced a couple of new habits into my daily life that I didn’t have before thanks to the Hello Inside App. These habits are here to stay. And yes, I do feel more energetic.

Heidi Hauer

Leadership Coach & Holistic Health Expert
Hello Inside visualizes for you how nutrition DIRECTLY affects your body. This awareness is profoundly empowering. Keeping a food diary for two weeks and seeing how dietary choices impact glucose levels is an eye-opening experience. Through Hello Inside I understand my body even better than before. It’s a tool I warmly recommend also my health coaching clients.

Stephanie Cox

A big revelation for me was I could really see what eating habits I have, and when I get this sugar rush. Moreso, how these habits are connected to my menstrual cycle and sleep. Something that before using the Hello Inside App I wouldn’t think of connecting.

Rachael Wilcox

Until now, I only knew that stress and blood sugar were related. But I didn't know how much at all. There is no doubt that the order and combination in which we consume food is crucial to maintaining balanced blood sugar levels.

Lisa S.

Health, Fitness & Food Enthusiast
The first couple of days wearing a CGM I learned so much already. I was checking the app and my blood glucose levels every couple of minutes. It was just fascinating to see what happens to your body in real-time.

Andreas S.

The app is crazily engaging - I opened the app for sure 40 times a day and the insights are really sticky and exciting. 10/10 for every lifestyle enthusiast!

We’ve been guessing too long It’s time to look inside

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