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Hello, Hormones!

Understand your Hormonal Patterns. Unlock your Hormonal Advantages. Be yourself.

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Hello, Hormones!

Understand your Hormonal Patterns. Unlock your Hormonal Advantages. Be yourself.

Women's Health: Lifestyle Pillars

30-day program to help you
transform your struggles into superpowers

Reduce period pain

Stabilizing your blood glucose will help you reduce inflammation, and therefore significantly reduce period pain.

Avoid mood swings

Our in-app lessons and experiments will help you adjust your lifestyle and diet to avoid mood swings and support your mental health.

Better focus through stable glucose levels

Better focus

Learn which foods and activities will help you keep focused and productive in each phase of your cycle.

boost natural fertility with stable blood glucose levels

Boost fertility

Stabilizing your blood glucose will help you reach hormonal balance and improve your natural fertility.

Manage your weight

Keeping your blood glucose levels stable will help you manage your hunger and improve digestion.

How it Works

Apply Your CGM

Visualize your body’s response to food, stress and exercise at all times. Understand the impact your lifestyle choices can have on your blood glucose levels.

start your experiments for balancing hormones

Decode Your Hormonal Patterns

Conduct personal food experiments. Identify your personal patterns and understand how your hormones can support your bodily functions. Master your mood and energy levels with bite-sized knowledge hacks.

Feel balanced with the women's health hormonal balance program

Feel Balanced Every Day

The choices you make significantly impact your health today, and in the long term. Stabilize your blood glucose levels and transform your hormones into superpowers.

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Your Journey To Balanced Hormones

struggling with hormones

Struggling with hormones?

  • Period Problems
  • Low Energy & Libido
  • Fertility Concerns
  • Fluctuating Mood
  • Weight challenges

A woman’s endocrine (internal hormonal) system with its menstrual cycle is a complex system in flux.

understand what's best for you in each phase of the female cycle

The Starting Point

Blood glucose is the energy and fuel for your body and mind, and influences your entire endocrine system.

Unstable and mismanaged blood glucose is where hormonal problems start. This can lead to hormonal imbalances, disturb your mood and affect your metabolism.

decode your patterns and get actionable insights through GCM

Make sense of your patterns

Understanding your patterns through our 28-day program will help you understand your body’s needs and come up with practical action items. Our in-app experiments, lessons, and tips will help you transform your data-driven insights into new habits.

Adapt your lifestyle choices depending on your cycle phase

Make ​​smart decisions in each phase of the cycle

Understanding your body’s needs will make it much easier to choose the right ways to eat, move & feel your best on every day of your cycle. 

Sync your lifestyle with your hormones and metabolism.


After 4 weeks you will know how to:

Choose the best foods for your body & cycle phase

Take advantage of the powerful link between exercise and your cycle phase

Adjust your alcohol and caffeine consumption to upgrade the cycle experience

Improve your mental balance by understanding how hormones affect glucose levels

Boost your energy and mood throughout every phase of the menstrual cycle

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‘Eureka’ Moments

“Period pain is what I struggle with the most. Stabilizing my blood sugar levels helped reduce inflammation in my body, which made my period pain much less intense!”


“I found out it’s better for me to eat carbs in the first half of my cycle. I really feel the difference in my energy levels. Who would have thought!”


“I learned that fixing my mood swings with sugar shortly after my ovulation phase is a quick fix that won’t do me any good in the long run. What helped is making sure my glucose levels are balanced.”


You are in good hands

Meet our experts who created the program for you

Dr. Anne Latz

Chief Medical Officer

Experience in the public and private sector, thrilled about innovation in healthcare and the potentials of personalized prevention and lifestyle medicine.

Renate L. Barbosa Yañez

Scientific Content & Medical Research Associate

Certified nutrition consultant. Holds an M.Sc. in nutritional science (University of Vienna) and a PhD in medical science. (Charité-University Medicine Berlin)

Luise Huber

Head of Nutrition

Board-certified health and wellness coach. Holds an MPH (Northeastern University), M.Sc. in Nutritional Sciences (University of Vienna) and B.Sc. in Dietetics (UAS St. Pölten).


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