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Hello Focus Study
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HI Insider! 

Welcome to the Hello Focus Study!

Apps & Sensor set-up:
Hello Inside App

🕑 Set up will take around 10 mins

Download the Hello Inside App and create your account. 

💡 Make sure you have the latest version of the app installed in order to get the best experience. Find out more on our help center.

💡 Please use the same email address at all stages of the set-up process (apps sign up & study participation)

iOS Hello Inside App Download
 Apple App Store Badge DE black
Android Hello Inside App Download
Google Play Store Badge DE


Your CGM Setup

Download Freestyle LibreLink App & Sign up

Open the Google Play or App Store
Search “FreeStyle LibreLink”* and download the app

(* Note for Germany: Please make sure you download the the "FreeStyle Libre 3" app)

💡 The FreeStyle LibreLink App will allow you to set up your glucose sensor and synchronize all the data.
💡 Please use the same email address at all stages of the set-up process to connect your accounts (apps sign up & study participation)

Enter your Practice ID

In the FreeStyle LibreLink App navigate to:
Connected Apps
Connect to a practice
Enter your Practice ID helloinside

Note for Switzerland: The practice ID for Switzerland is helloinside-ch

💡 By entering the practice ID, you’ll be enabling data synchronization between Hello Inside and FreeStyle LibreLink. The Hello Inside App will then analyze your data and offer you unique personal insights.

Apply & Activate your CGM

🕑 It takes just 5 mins to apply your sensor, but you’ll then need 60 min for it to finish calibrating

Finally! It’s time to apply your sensor

You can find instructions on how to apply your sensor on the FreeStyle LibreLink App.
Watch one of our users putting on their CGM easily, quickly and completely pain-free.

💡 Remember, you’ll need to scan your sensor at least every 8 hours using the FreeStyle LibreLink App to make sure all the data has been correctly transferred.


Complete the Study Set-up

As soon as your sensor is ready, take some time to complete the study set-up.
🕑 This will take about 30 mins in total

Set Up CogniFit

Answer some short screening questions on CogniFit
Create an account
Complete the eConsent to confirm your participation in the study

💡 This is the platform you’ll need in order to fill out the cognitive assessment at the beginning and the end of the study. 


Complete your first online questionnaire

💡 Remember to complete this step after your sensor is done calibrating

💡 Make sure to have a measuring tape by your side before starting.


Complete your first cognitive assessment

💡 Make sure you complete the first cognitive assessment the day after you applied your sensor.

💡 For this step please use your computer. We recommend having headphones and a mouse pad available.



Participant information

Before you take part in the study, there’s some important information we need you to know. Once you’ve got it, you can go ahead and complete the eConsent via CogniFit and get started! 

➡️ Participant Info EN


Additional guidance on product and technology

Help Center

You can find all the materials you need to help you along your journey over on our Help Center.

💡 You can also access it directly via the Hello Inside App. Here’s how it works:

1. Navigate on the bottom right corner to the "Profile" tab
2. Tap under the app section on "Contact support"
3. Tap "Start new conversation" 
4. Add your message and tap the send icon

Hello Inside App product features

Find out all the product features the Hello Inside App has to offer and how it can help you in your everyday life in the detailed product intro.

Study purpose and parameters

Voluntary participation: You may withdraw from the study at any time without giving any reason. Refusal to participate or early withdrawal from this study will not adversely affect your medical care.

Aims of the study: We want to know how an online app-based education and training program can support you to establish healthy daily habits leading to glucose stability. The participants (you) will be asked to wear a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) in combination with a smartphone App for four weeks to achieve stable glucose levels and improve their (your) physical and cognitive well-being.

Benefits of the study: You will be able to experience how your physical and cognitive performance can be affected by fluctuations in your blood glucose levels. This may help you to tailor your lifestyle and diet to feel your best every day with stabilized blood glucose.

Dynamic approach: The purely online-based implementation of the study includes 1-2 online cognitive assessments, 2 or 3 online questionnaires (depending on your study duration of 14 or 28 days), and event logging of lifestyle events like nutrition, exercise, and mood on a smartphone app. This will allow you to find out something every day about your body and your mind.

AnonymityYour data will only be shared for statistical purposes and you will not be mentioned by name without exception. You will also not be named in any scientific publications of the data from this study.

Study timeline

Day 1: Set the scene
Day 2: Complete setup
Day 2-14: Explore

Download & sign up in the Hello Inside App
Download & sign up in the FreeStyle LibreLink App
Enter your Practice ID helloinside in the FreeStyle LibreLink App
Apply & activate your CGM

After your CGM is finished calibrating:
Complete the eConsent


Complete the health questionnaire (10 min) - you will need a measuring tape.


After your CGM is finished calibrating:
Complete your first cognitive assessment (15 min)
💡 For this step please use your computer. We recommend having headphones and a mouse pad available.


Log your events via the Hello Inside App, begin your unique glucose exploration journey
Explore in-app lessons
Complete food experiments
Try delicious glucose-stable recipes 
Discover your unique reaction to food, exercise, sleep, and stress


Day 15: Reflect
Day 16-29: Thrive
Day 29-30: Complete the study

Change your CGM (You can find instructions on how to apply your sensor in our help center.)
Repeat the lifestyle questionnaire (5 mins)


Reflect on your insights from the past 14 days
Share your thoughts with us. We would love to hear your findings!

Note: In case you joined via the 14 day program or only have 1 sensor for 14 days, your study is closed after this day.

Note: Anything from here onwards is only relevant for people participating with 2 sensors (28 days of glucose monitoring)

Continue your glucose exploration
Implement gradual changes in your lifestyle and watch your body’s reaction change 
Improve your meal and daily scores
Explore how the Hello Inside App can give you daily guidance and discover all the features the app has to offer.


Before your sensor runs out:
Complete the lifestyle questionnaire (10 min)

● Complete the cognitive assessment in CogniFit on the last days of your sensor (15 min)


🥰 Feel connected to your body and understand its science every day.


You're in good hands

Got a question? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly through the Hello Inside App. Just go to your profile tab, and look for ‘contact support’. Otherwise, you can always just send us an email. Our experts, support team, and study doctors will be happy to assist.

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