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Keeping your blood glucose levels stable is essential for ensuring long-term health, and making your day to day life a lot easier in the short term. Now, with the help of cutting-edge Continuous Glucose Monitoring technology (CGM), it’s easier than ever. But monitoring your blood glucose levels is one thing. Understanding what your blood glucose levels mean, and even better, how to improve them, is where the Hello Inside App can help.

Hello Inside is all about allowing you to say hello to what’s going on inside your body. Hello Inside’s data-analytics and tracking app can allow you to spot patterns, and log your food, sleep and exercise habits to help you understand why it is that some days your blood glucose is stable and you feel great, while on others you’re faced with multiple spikes, and not many reasons why.

Not only can Hello Inside help you to understand what’s going on with your blood glucose, Hello Inside’s recipes, experiments and coaching programs can help put you back in the driving seat of your own health. Find out exactly what combinations of food, at what times of the day, and in what order can help you to keep your blood glucose stable, your mind focused, your weight healthy, your menstrual cycle on track, and your body glowing, so that you never have to follow anybody else’s diet or exercise plan ever again. With the help of Hello Inside, you’ll have all the answers you need to create your own plan, and comfortably, healthily and safely hit the goals you set for yourself.

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How does Hello Inside help me manage my blood glucose?

The Hello Inside App takes information from your CGM device and presents it to you in easy to follow, and easy to understand graphs. These will help you to see which foods you should and shouldn’t be eating to keep your blood glucose steady.

Are carbs the enemy? Can you ever eat cake again? What about things like pasta and rice, should you avoid them? The truth is that nobody can answer these questions for you, except you, and your body. That’s exactly what Hello Inside can help you find out. Some people realize that cakes, candy and chocolate bars have no impact on their blood glucose levels at all, whereas other people will find their blood glucose levels soaring the moment they’ve had one bite.

Your first few weeks of using Hello Inside will be a journey to discover the secrets of your body and your metabolism. The Hello Inside App will instantly give you the answers to the question of what the consequences are of your daily lifestyle choices, from nutrition to exercise, from sleep to stress. And once you’ve got a good idea of what’s already going on inside your body, you can start taking steps towards making a difference, and living a healthier, happier and longer life.

Balanced lifestyle and healthy lifestyle choices can improve your blood glucose levels

How can I improve my blood glucose levels with Hello Inside?

Have you ever had days where you find it hard to concentrate? Have you ever had strong mood swings, and had trouble trying to find the energy to do things? Do you find yourself needing another coffee just to get through the afternoon? Chances are these are all things that could be related to your blood glucose levels.

When you’re feeling low and wondering why, Hello Inside will be able to tell you whether it’s your blood glucose that’s the problem. And the best part is that Hello Inside will help you to control all of these things.

You can find out multiple ways to control your blood glucose by using the Hello Inside coaching programs. These teach you exactly what’s going on inside your body when you’re feeling these things, and give you some simple tips to try and keep things more stable, like having some apple cider vinegar before a heavy meal, going for a short walk afterwards, or timing your exercise to make sure it doesn’t disrupt your sleep.

You can log your meals, and your blood glucose response on the Hello Inside App to see whether there’s a specific food you’re eating that’s making your blood glucose spike – like white rice or bananas – or whether it’s the order you’re eating your food in that’s throwing you off track. Over time, Hello Inside’s logging feature will help you to really understand what’s going on inside your body and give you the information you need to make positive changes.

How do I use the Hello Inside App?

The Hello Inside App takes data from your Continuous Glucose Monitoring device (CGM) to understand what’s going on inside your body. When you open the app, this is the first thing you’ll see – your current glucose levels (after scanning your sensor with the LibreLink App).

From here, you can log your most recent meals. You can manually log a meal you prepared.  It’s best if you add the ingredients with tags and scan the barcode if available.

You will then be able to watch your blood glucose curve developing, and changing as your body reacts to your food. 2.5 hours after you logged your meal you will then be given a score.

Your food score from 1-10 will give you a strong indication of how the food you just ate is affecting your blood glucose levels. A low score indicates that your body had a hard time balancing your blood glucose levels. A higher score shows that the food you ate needed less control for your blood glucose, which is a good thing.

In the Journal tab, you will be able to get an overview of how your lifestyle is affecting your blood glucose levels. Here you will see all of your scores, and get a sense of whether you’re making any improvements as a result of any lifestyle changes you’ve recently implemented.

Food is not the only thing that affects your blood glucose levels. Exercise and physical activity can change your blood glucose levels. Movement after a meal can lower your blood glucose levels while intense workouts will make them go up. In contrast to a meal response a short term glucose increase is a good thing.

You can let your Hello Inside App know whether a blood glucose spike is from physical exertion by logging it in the app, using the sports activity log under the Journal tab in the middle right hand corner on the bottom of your screen. By connecting the Hello Inside App with your Apple Health or Google Fit data your activities will be synched and you don’t have to track them with the Hello Inside app. Doing so will support the score calculation, because the start time of the events will be accurate.

In the Coaching tab to the left, you will find lots of information to help you understand why these things are taking place. Here you will find all of Hello Inside’s coaching programmes, on a range of topics from sleep to nutrition to hormonal balance and the menstrual cycle.

Over time of using Hello Inside, you may find that food is the main driver of your blood glucose response. To get a better sense of exactly how that affects your body individually, you’ll want to check out the Experiments. Here you have a chance to try different things in terms of eating, sleeping, and exercising, all while keeping a close eye on what that does to your blood glucose levels.

The Coaching tab also has a number of recipes you can try out to see whether different combinations of food, or leaving out certain ingredients can have a significant impact on your blood glucose response.

As you use Hello Inside over time, keep an eye on the analytics and stats in the app to get a sense of your general progress. 

Our tip: Don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly through the Hello Inside App. Just go to your profile tab, and look for ‘contact support’. Otherwise, you can always just send us an email at ask@helloinside.com. Our experts and support team will be happy to assist.

Ready to get to grips with your blood glucose? Head over to the Hello Inside shop to get started! 

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Hello Inside Team

We have a passion for health, wellbeing and lifestyle topics. We love to discover new things and get to know ourselves better. Transforming scientific knowledge and insights into actionable advice is our goal.

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Hello Inside Team

We have a passion for health, wellbeing and lifestyle topics. We love to discover new things and get to know ourselves better. Transforming scientific knowledge and insights into actionable advice is our goal.

more posts from author

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