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We are as unique as our body’s response to food and exercise. 

Go start a data-driven conversation with your body by monitoring your blood glucose. Anytime. Anywhere.

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Goals: increase energy, enhance focus, reduce cravings, and control weight.

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Goals: reduce symptoms connected to the female cycle, like PMS, period pain and cravings.

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Your glucose levels are a key indicator of your overall health.

Cognitive Performance
Physical Health
Physical Performance
Mental Health
Weight care

High blood glucose can complicate ovulation, disrupt menstruation and increase the risk of infertility. If prolonged, it can induce insulin resistance, impair follicle implantation and embryo development.

The brain uses about 120g of glucose per day — 60% of your body’s entire utilization at rest. Memory, learning and concentration can be improved by mastering your glucose levels.

Blood glucose spikes can cause oxidative stress, immune dysfunction, inflammation, sexual health problems and many others.  Mastering your glucose levels will improve your everyday health and build resilience.

To perform your best, you need optimal glucose levels. Depending on the exercise and training intensity, your body burns fat instead of glucose. Learn what and when to eat for maximum results.

Research shows higher blood glucose levels can mean poor sleep. Reduced sleep elevates levels in part due to a desynchronization of our circadian clock. Manage blood glucose levels to improve sleep and recovery.

A relationship is sometimes detected between mood and blood glucose highs and lows. Symptoms of poor glycemic regulation can mirror mental health symptoms, such as irritability, worry and anxiety.

Your body is unique. Foods that work for others may cause a spike in your blood glucose response. Identify more optimal foods for you via your own biodata.

Find the foods that give you stable energy throughout the day and spot the ones that make your glucose levels spike and crash.


Leverage your unique biology to nurture your body and brain more efficiently

Chart blood glucose levels 24/7 — via a discreet biosensor and Hello Inside’s mobile app — to maximise the flow of energy to the 70 trillion cells that power you day and night.


you can have is with your body.

Watch what happens

Your glucose levels rise and fall depending on your daily habits, including sleepstress and exercise, as well as what you eat and drink.

Stop trying to follow someone else’s diet.

Your response to food is highly individual. People eating identical meals react very differently.

Once you see how your food choices impact your glucose levels, you can begin to adjust your own diet based on personal biodata.

Your body is unique —
your diet should be too


Should you avoid cakes and cookies? Eat Keto or Low Carb? Or is “intuitive eating” OK? The answer lies in your biological data because we are unique, bio-dynamic individuals and there is not a universal diet for every man, woman, and child.

In groundbreaking research, Dr. Elinav and Dr. Segal from the Weizmann Institute of Science demonstrated that individuals differ in their responses to the very same foods. The right diet leads to optimal cell repair and rejuvenation, potentially increasing healthspan — the number of healthy years of life.

From tracking your glucose to designing a personalized, data-driven diet


Get your CGM

A continuous glucose monitor (CGM) is a small, discreet and waterproof sensor that measures the spikes and dips of glucose directly under your skin.

Unlock your body’s science lab

Set up your personal laboratory with the Hello Inside App. Conduct your experiments and discover what foods your body works best with at what time. Use your unique biology to your advantage

Understand how your body works

Our expert-curated, “bite-sized” lessons help you understand optimal glucose levels to set personal health goals.

Fine tune lifestyle choices in real time

Whether you are using your energy-hungry brain in the office, hitting the gym, eating out with friends or cooking at home, Hello Inside delivers actionable insights.

Feel and perform at your level best

Powered by knowledge, make lifestyle changes that will work best for your unique body.


Prof. Dr. Eran Elinav

Weizmann Institute
The Personalized Diet

Personalized medicine & nutrition. Author of ‘The Personalized Diet’ and more than 130 publications in leading peer-reviewed journals; several awards for scientific discoveries.

Prof. Dr. Stephan Herzig

Helmholtz Center
Chronic Diseases

Director of the Institute for Diabetes and Cancer. Coordinator of the National Helmholtz Initiative, “Aging and Metabolic Reprogramming.” Chair of Molecular Metabolic Control (TUM), author of more than 140 publications in leading peer-reviewed journals, several awards for scientific discoveries.

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