A scientific way to take care of yourself

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When you imagine the future of self-care - do you see a time where you can look into your body to see its reaction to food, exercise, sleep, and stress, all in real-time and all by simply looking at your mobile phone? 

Welcome to the future with HELLO INSIDE.

Until now, self-care has included following a diet and exercise routine based on what you think, what you are told is good for you, reducing stress, finding moments to relax, and, from time to time, some healthy introspection. But what if self-care included understanding your body's biodata? 

With incredible advancements in technology, science, and consumer-led testing we have created the basis for what we call "scientific self-care" where we have developed a data-driven, personalized approach to health and well-being that is 100% rooted in science. 

Scientific self-care is a new form of looking inside your body. It starts with opening a real-time window on your body — via a wearable biosensor linked directly to an app on your phone. This brilliantly designed biosensor continuously monitors your body's blood glucose levels and how they respond to the food you eat and your physical behavior. The real-time information you receive empowers you to make informed healthy decisions and takes the guesswork out of "knowing yourself.” Think of it as having a "conversation" with your body that can include topics like brain function, weight control, fertility, and sleep quality.

The effects of real-time Cause and Effect

With all this fascinating information at your fingertips, you can identify activities and situations that cause blood glucose spikes and measure the impact of the steps you take to reduce or eliminate them. Gone are the days when assessing the quality of your sleep based solely on how you feel in the morning. Now you're able to capture and monitor glucose levels during non-waking hours to improve your sleep habits. The key to feeling good, having enough energy to work out, and sleeping well is about eating the right foods at the right time — which is revealed through the body's glucose levels. 

So is this the end of those yearly medical check-ups to get a single, static reading of blood glucose levels? Following cookie-cutter nutritional guidance to guide dietary decisions? Spending hours scrolling the internet for advice only to find contradicting nutrition information?

Hello Inside is  to revolutionize self-care as we know it. We have taken the best from science and technology to bridge the gap in self-care to offer you a powerful way to measure and quantify — in real-time — the impact of a diet and exercise on your health and wellbeing.

Personalized Nutrition

What if the right diet depends not just on food, but also on the person eating it?

There is no ideal, "one-size-fits-all" diet. Research carried out by our partner, Dr. Eran Elinav, at the Weizmann Institute of Science, has demonstrated that people's bodies experience dramatically different responses to identical meals. Real-time continuous glucose monitoring can show you exactly which foods cause unhealthy glucose spikes and how to create a unique, personalized diet that works for you.

HELLO INSIDE delivers your body's answer based on personal biodata. 

You may have heard of the concept of visualizing the person you want to be is often cited as a powerful self-care tool. Well, scientific self-care continuously visualizes the actual lab results of the lifestyle changes you make - at the molecular level — on the way to becoming your best self.

The most important conversation you can have to build a healthier, happier life is with your own body. Are you ready to say “Hello Inside?”

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